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Blogging and social media is a marathon of generating valuable content on a daily basis for your audience. The goal is to generate enough authority and content that we have readers, fans or followers eventually convert into customers. That takes a while, sometimes, so it’s important to keep your eye on the goal ahead. One way you can do this is by incorporating a content calendar into your content management system.

Kalendář obsahu vám umožní vizualizovat vaše příspěvky v budoucnu, abyste mohli držet náskok před požadavky vaší celkové obsahové strategie. Kompendium recently released a fantastic content calendar that allows the administrator to get an overall view of the content – including content that the administrator must approve. You can see that I wasn’t doing too well on getting the content out last month!

kompendium obsah kalendáře s

Jelikož mám obojí Kompendium blog and a WordPress blog, I was curious if anyone had built a similar feature for WordPress… and they have! It’s the WordPress Redakční kalendář.

redakční kalendář wordpress s

The WordPress Editorial Calendar also allows you to add posts as well as drag and drop them. So if you’re a really industrious social media manager, you can populate your calendar weeks ahead and assign the content to your users. This is a great means of ensuring you’re delivering on the demands of a great content strategy!

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