Stav marketingu ve vyhledávání v roce 2015

infografika státu search marketing 2015

I recently spoke to a group that I've been repeatedly invited back to speak to over the last 5 years. At one point in the conversation the topic turned to keyword usage. Jaws dropped as I told the audience to stop worrying about keyword densities and usage throughout their content. While I still think a keyword is great to utilize within the title of a post, for the most part I believe you're better off focused on writing well rather than trying to write for search engines.

That wasn't true a few years ago, we potřeba to be programmatic so that search engines understood the context of our content. But it's my belief now that Google's advancements take a ton of variables into consideration – including the site's history, the author's topic authority, citations like brand names, product names and geographies – to determine the relevance, authority and ultimately the ranking of pages.

When I'm asked by people who are starting new businesses where they should focus their online marketing, search marketing is usually near the top of the recommendation. Of course it depends on the level of consumer intent or demand for the new service, i.e. how many people are searching for products and services. The importance of search marketing today is shown by our new infographic created by Marketing JBH. Ukazuje důležitost vyhledávání na základě nejnovějších dat z SimilarWeb na úrovni poptávky spotřebitelů prostřednictvím vyhledávání a včetně praktických rad a analýz z některých nejlepších míst, kde se dozvíte něco o vyhledávání MOZ, Search Engine Land a Searchmetrics. Dave Chaffey

Tato infografika pěkně rozkládá půdu země marketingu ve vyhledávání, včetně obou placené vyhledávání (platba za kliknutí) a organické vyhledávání (přirozené hodnocení). Marketing ve vyhledávačích je stále dominantním médiem online a neměl by být ignorován. Zatímco we're not huge fans of the SEO industry and manipulative strategies that consultants often deploy that put their clients in danger of being de-indexed, it's still an incredible resource for our clients to recognize what their prospects are seeking and how they're responding to the content that's written and shared on our clients' sites and our own.


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