Jak podpořit prodej pomocí upraveného sociálního obsahu

prodejní sociální obsah

We don’t try to kid ourselves that we’re the best source of marketing and marketing technology across the Internet. We have great relationships with other sites and we promote many of our colleagues who have written amazing content over the years. We don’t look at every site as a competitor, we instead view them as resources for our audience. As we continue to grow our reach, we’re respected as a resource because of the value we bring our community.

We get pitches and alerts on topics of interest throughout the day and we read and review all of them carefully. When there’s a great infographic to share – we’re on it. When someone writes compelling content of interest, we promote it socially. As long as we continue providing value, we’ll continue to grow our reach. That reach continues to bring us notoriety and – ultimately – leads from companies who need our help. In other words, curated content is a primary strategy for us.

Co je obsah vytvářený uživateli? UGC

It’s not just B2B, though. Generating value for consumers is an incredible strategy as well. And even more than industry and professional articles, the very content that your users are generating is becoming an incredible resource to promote your products and services, expand your reach, acquire new reach and retain great customers. This content is known as user-generated content, or UGC.

Today’s consumers are constantly creating, sharing and consuming photos, videos and text. This social content is not only popular, it’s influential. More and more, consumers turn to social content when making buying decisions. Before clicking vložit do košíku, they seek a stamp of approval from peers and friends. This trend creates a huge opportunity for brands to drive revenue. But the path from selfie to sale doesn’t always seem straightforward. Many brands and retailers still lack a strategy for driving commerce from UGC.

Tato nová infografika od OfferPop nastiňuje kroky pro shromažďování a správu sociálního obsahu, který se převádí na prodej.

Podporuje váš prodejní motor se sociálním obsahem

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