RSS = Obnovit jednoduchou syndikaci? Publikujte svůj životopis online

TechnoratiOne of the nice features of Technorati is as a search engine. There are two methods to do this, one is searching by word, the other by tag. I like using tag since it can really target the material you’re looking for.

Search Example:

Tag Example:

The response for the tag search is very robust. There are several ways of drilling down for content to find what you need.
Technorati Tag Search

The options for utilizing tags are endless… in fact, I took a chance today and looked up the tag “resume” and “mcse".

Voila! It does produce a couple of hits:

I then looked up “job” and “msce”:

Wow! There’s a few hits on that as well! I’m not sure about you guys but I think this a perfect, suitable means for utilizing RSS! By folks posting their resumes on their own blog and then employers posting positions on their corporate blog…. Technorati could be easily used to prescreen and identify jobs for employers and employers for jobs!

RSS = Resume Simple Syndication?

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