Optimalizace: obsah, cesty, přistání a konverze

As we take on new clients, we almost always have to explain how prospects are finding our clients’ sites, how they are entering the site, and how they are converting into customers through their online marketing strategies. It’s never as designed. Our customers spend a ton of time on their home page, very little time on internal pages, and almost no time on landing pages and conversions.

Většina věří, že provoz na jejich stránkách vypadá hodně takto:
cesty ke konverzi-1-4

That’s not accurate, though. While many people may enter through the home page, most people discovering them through searches and social media are entering through pages and blog posts within the site. The home page winds up being one page visited, but it’s down the path. As well, people are visiting through a multitude of devices – mobile, tablet and desktop.
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So, to increase peformance of a website, we optimize every page – not just the home page. We recommend increasing visibility in search and social media by providing more and more paths via content strategies. Blog posts, pages, infographics, whitepapers, case studies, news and events… all of these provide content that can be found and shared online! And we ensure they’re optimized for mobile and tablet browsing as well as by desktop.
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Finally, the last issue we see is that our clients already have great, relevant traffic – but they simply aren’t converting that traffic. By providing more offers, dynamic and custom offers, demos, downloads, trials, and other means of conversion, we see more of the existing traffic converting.
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