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When we relaunched our newsletter, I wanted to really make the subscription link a dominant feature on our site. We added a drop-down section at the top of the site and it’s been incredible. While we used to get a trickle of one or two subscribers before, now we get dozens of subscribers each week. The Marketing Technology newsletter is growing quite popular, with almost 3,000 subscribers!

rozbalovací nabídka přihlášení k odběru teplotní mapy

I’d like to add a few more dropdowns up there – perhaps Facebook, Twitter, Video, Podcast, and a Search tab. It’s a great way of disclosing content without the need for the user to navigate to a new page. As well, the footprint it takes up is so much smaller than a subscription form in the sidebar takes up!

Tepelnou mapu poskytl Znovu oživte. If it weren’t for the heatmap, I’m not sure that I would have realized how many people click there! Now it’s time to strengthen the messaging up there to make them want to subscribe.

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