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Dnes mi bylo představeno TV s melounem by one of the Jo DiGregory, one of the founding partners. The story behind Cantaloupe is a compelling one and it’s worth taking a look at. The team at Cantaloupe has their own take on what they are trying to achieve, but I would liken it to video replicating the blogging phenomenon.

Cantaloupe isn’t video that’s built on a fancy user interface or awesome video mixing and effects. Instead, Cantaloupe’s model is to ensure that content and conversation is key – building credibility and ‘the story’ to link videos together and bring people back. Cantaloupe has their own ‘videosphere’ model.

Sites can be constructed that aggregate the video content (‘channels’), this way unique but similar audiences from each site can be exposed to each other. Cantaloupe promotes the série videí, nejen jednorázová videa. Cílem je opět udržet publikum v konverzaci, nejen ukázat nějakou high-tech produkci, která zmátne mysl, spíše než ji zapojit.

Podívejte se na Porozumění Cantaloupe TV na jejich webu. Jak to řekli:

Příběhy o vás, vašem podnikání a vašem odvětví.
Cantaloupe využívá sílu videa k zachycení poutavých serendipitních příběhů „jak se to děje“ o vás, zatímco k jejich šíření využívá sílu internetu…

Content can be targeted and measured to the audience. Each video’s ‘readership’ can be monitored and measured to see if people are watching the entire thing or bailing out early. It’s really cool stuff. The team is also bringing in some Search Engine resources to ensure using the technology will also get the attention it deserves from search engines. If you’d like, you can check out some of their Video časopisy stejně.

TV s melounemThe technology is incredibly affordable as well. I’m always amazed at how expensive you’ll find these services online, Cantaloupe has an opportunity to change the business and drive these costs into the ground – without sacrificing anything in between. As Jon put it, it’s not about “How cool the spinning Flash button is on the site, it’s about the message!”.

Ujistěte se, podívejte se Reality Series, že meloun did on itself, it’s really intriguing.

I’ll be getting more exposure to TV s melounem soon, since there will be an upcoming Indianapolis Technology Conference that I’m speaking that will use the technology (more to come on this… early December). Cantaloupe TV is like many of the businesses I see sprouting here in Indianapolis.

The common thread appears to be that Indianapolis Technology businesses are about solving the problem and not worrying about the fluff. We’ll leave that to our cousins in San Jose. The technology sector is really growing into a thriving community here and we’re beginning to organize ourselves. It’s great to be a part of it!

As for the name, Cantaloupe, it’s one of those cool names that just happened… as Jon was digging into a cantaloupe, of course.

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