Osobní a srdečné díky vám

Toto je neuvěřitelná sezóna pro moji online práci. Dnes byl můj blog zmíněn na obou John Chow a Seth Godin’s blog. A byl jsem nedávno ο a topic of a very flattering blog entry on Pat Coyle’s blog! Last week, Mike at Konverzní stanice was gracious enough to mention me as a “Z-lister”. His selfless promotion of me got my blog mentioned on over 70 others, including the mention today on Seth Godin’s blog.

V posledních několika měsících můj blog prudce vzrostl provoz a v moci.

All of this growth has really not been from my expertise. It’s been from my appetite for capturing and disseminating information and váš sdílení váš knowledge and expertise. I would love the opportunity to thank each and every one of you. In fact, if I do any traveling in the next year with work, one of my goals is to do just that. I’ll let you know where I’m going, and we’ll meet up for a drink or a coffee. If you’re coming to Indy, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Blog někdy spotřebuje příliš mnoho mého dne, ale zdá se, že všechno, co děláme my i já, funguje:

  • I try to provide an original topic on most of my entries. That way my blog isn’t part of the discussion or simply repeating the news, it’s what the conversation is about. That’s a difficult task, but it’s paying off.
  • Every time I see a reference to my blog on another site or blog, I try to respond and thank the person – even if their post isn’t positive (especially if it’s not). The value is in the discussion. I’m not always (ok, rarely) correct, anyways.
  • Účastním se skupinových blogovacích aktivit. Li Problogger isn’t part of your daily blogging routine, make it so. Darren often challenges the blogosphere with group projects. They all get a lot of attention and exposure.
  • I share things that I’ve learned.
  • I try to help anyone that asks. It gets me into trouble a lot of the time, but it’s what I have to give. It’s my ‘present’, if you will.
  • I connect topics to other bloggers. If I see a topic of discussion where one of the bloggers that I read is an expert, I always try to connect the two. What’s a network for if you’re not actually going to help make the connections?
  • Pokračujete v propagaci mého blogu pro mě.

Když už mluvíme o díky ...

Berryman FamilyI’m sitting at Starbuck’s right now. To be honest, I was a little down today that I’m not with my kids tonight or tomorrow. They’re spending a great Christmas with their Mom & stepfamily. As I was writing, I got an email update from my friend, Glenn, který je na misi v Mosambiku a vrátilo mě to k tomu, abych se cítil tak dobře, že za něj musím být vděčný.

It reminded me that others are sacrificing so much during this holiday season. I’m not really sacrificing anything… sitting with my Peppermint Mocha in a cozy coffee house. The Berrymans vzali celou svou rodinu na misi do Mosambiku, aby pomohli vzdělávat a šířit dobré slovo. Umíš si představit? Mám neuvěřitelnou úctu k těm, kteří dávají tolik.

And I remember our troops. I was overseas for 9 months during Desert Shield/Desert Storm and spent Christmas floating in the Persian Gulf. It’s grueling to be away during a season that usually pulls families together. God bless our troops, their families, and those families who have lost so much.

Thanks to all of you! You’ve really made this an incredible holiday for me.

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